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73. Typical Bearing Plate-Mudsill-W-Anchor-Pony Wall.DWG

73. Typical Bearing Plate-Mudsill-W-Anchor-Pony Wall.pdf


74. Typical Concrete Block Wall Foundation.DWG

74. Typical Concrete Block Wall Foundation.pdf

75. 76.

76. Typical Concrete Foundation-Southern.DWG

76. Typical Concrete Foundation-Southern.pdf



77. Typical Crawl Space Foundation Section-Brick.DWG

77. Typical Crawl Space Foundation Section-Brick.pdf


78. Typical Crawl Space Foundation Section-d.dwg

78. Typical Crawl Space Foundation Section-d.pdf


79. Typical Crawl Space Foundation-e.DWG

79. Typical Crawl Space Foundation-e.pdf


80. Typical Crawl Space Foundation Section-f.DWG

80. Typical Crawl Space Foundation Section-f.pdf


81. Typical Crawl Space.DWG

81. Typical Crawl Space.pdf


82. Typical Crawl Space Foundation Section Southern US.DWG

82. Typical Crawl Space Foundation Section Southern US.pdf


83. Typical Crawl Space Space Foundation-Southern-b.DWG

83. Typical Crawl Space Space Foundation-Southern-b.pdf


84. Typical Foundation Post & Beam Detail.DWG

84. Typical Foundation Post & Beam Detail.pdf


85. Typical Foundation-Brick.DWG

85. Typical Foundation-Brick.pdf


86. Typical Foundation Southern US-a.DWG

86. Typical Foundation Southern US-a.pdf


87. Typical Foundation Southern-d.DWG

87. Typical Foundation Southern-d.pdf


88. Typical Foundation Southern US-e.DWG

88. Typical Foundation Southern US-e.pdf


89. Typical Foundation Southern US.DWG

89. Typical Foundation Southern US.pdf


90. Typical Foundation Southern US-a.DWG

90. Typical Foundation Southern US-a.pdf


91. Typical Foundation Southern-b.DWG

91. Typical Foundation Southern-b.pdf


92. Typical Foundation Southern US-c.DWG

92. Typical Foundation Southern US-c.pdf


93. Typical GLB Installation.DWG

93. Typical GLB Installation.pdf


94. Typical Interior Footing.dwg

94. Typical Interior Footing.pdf


95. Typical Interior Pier.DWG

95. Typical Interior Pier.pdf



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AEC Construction Details - AutoCad .dwg Format

A collection of over 9,230+ 2D construction details and drawings for residential and commercial application. One Hundred Twenty major categories of fully editable and scalable drawings and details in AutoCad Format.  These are a perfect starting point for modification to meet your particular needs or just to use as is without changes.


Why recreate what other engineers and draftsmen have already created?  Order today, and save yourself valuable time and money. How long would it take you to create more than 9,230+ drawings? This is a great time saver and, less than 5 per drawing, the cost effectiveness of this collection is clear.




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