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Commercial CAD Details

Commercial   Residential   Symbols


 Exterior Doors

 Exterior Windows

 Fire Protection Specialties

 Fixed Furnishings

 Floor Construction

 Interior Ceiling Finishes

 Interior Doors

 Interior Floor Finishes

 Interior Partitions

 Interior Specialties

 Roof Covering Details

 Stair Construction

 Stair Finishes

 Vehicular Equipment



 Parking Lots

 Pedestrian Paving


 Site Development

 Site Earth Work

 Site Fuel Distribution Systems

 Site Hydronic Distribution Systems

 Site Sanitary Sewer Systems

 Site Storm Sewer Systems

 Site Water Supply and Distribution Systems


Commercial Equipment

 Commercial Equipment

 Other Equipment



 Communication and Security Systems

 Electrical Controls

 Electrical Service and Distribution

 Lighting and Branch Wiring

 Special Electrical Systems

 USACE Standard Details 40-06-04



 Hazardous Waste Remediation

 Other Site Systems and Equipment

 Plumbing Fixtures

 Site Special Plumbing Systems



Landscape Architectural

 Landscape Architectural




 Movable Furnishings



 Auxiliary-Emergency Power

 Compressed Air Systems

 Domestic Water Distribution

 Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems

 Fuel Supply Systems

 Fuels and Lubricants

 Heat Distribution Systems

 Heat Generation Systems

 Heat Rejection Systems

 Heat Transfer

 HVAC Controls and Instrumentation

Other Conveying Systems

 Parking Lots

 Rain Water Drainage Systems

 Site Sanitary Sewer System

 Site Sanitary Waste Systems

 Site Steam Distribution Systems

 Special Fire Protection Systems

 Special HVAC Systems and Equipment

 Special Plumbing Systems

 Vehicular Equipment



 Exterior Walls

 Typical Structural Details 



Commercial   Residential   Symbols



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